Home Ownership 101 or something like that!

We purchased our first home little over seven months ago. After more than 18 years of apartment living, we are living in a single family house…it’s beautiful, spacious and for the most part it was move-in ready. Over the last few months our trips to Home Depot have increased. New locks, a new door bell, lawn bags, lots of lawn bags. Of course living inĀ Chicago, we bought rock salt and a shovel.

But going to Home Depot or any of those big home improvement stores has always stressed me out. It’s so overwhelming! And there is never enough associates on the floor. If I do see someone there is usually a line of people asking for help. So I wander around, hoping I find what I need. But I really just waste time. I see all that lumber and I want to build my own house. I see plumbing and I think about all the pipes that could break in my new house, I see all of those light fixtures and I begin to dream of all the new lighting and I keep hoping I see a mirrored disco ball to hang in my bedroom (always a house head šŸ™‚ ). But all I went into Home Depot was for more rock salt and a lint catcher for the washer. Simple! I go in with my cart and head straight for the salt. That’s an easy find. I’ve purchased it before….but they moved it to a more convenient location. Nice blizzard marketing move, Home Depot!

Now for those lint catchers. I think, “where would I put the lint catchers if I was in charge of the world? Of course, next to the washers.” And I head to the appliances but before I get there I remember that Home Depot isn’t that simple. And they aren’t going to make it that easy for me. So I head to the plumbing department. I start wandering around thinking, “when you buy a house there should be some sort of orientation about where to find these simple products. like a ‘home ownership 101: taxes, minor home repair and navigating a home improvement store’. I pulled out my phone to Ā email to my favorite Realtor and tell her about my wonderful idea.

Instead, I opened my chrome app and GTS (Googled That Shit). “where are the lint catchers in home depot?” It took me to home depot’s mobile site. It showed me there there were 43 in stock at my local store. and right beneath that, there was a button that said “store map”. Could it be that simple? I click the button and there it was a map of the store with the exact location of the lint catchers down to the aisle number and bay number. It was like a real treasure hunt, a map and all. I found exactly what I needed in the very next aisle. I grabbed a stack and I walked up to the registerĀ beaming from my accomplishment.