Its a sword or is it?

written in April 2013, 3 months later…he has lost interest in the closet…lol and has figured out that he can drag a chair to the places he needs to reach!


My 2 year old is a busy guy! He is always looking for a new adventure. One of his favorite places for an adventure is the closet. He likes to hide in there whenever he is in trouble or wants to have some alone time. Almost daily, I’ve noticed the vacuum attachment has been removed from the vacuum. I’ve watched him use it as a sword to torture the dog, so I assumed that was what he was doing with it.


I’ve also noticed that the closet light has been left on more frequently, I blamed my husband of course. Well, until today. I watch my little guy grab the attachment, go into the closet. I followed him. He used the attachment to turn on the light switch. I am so amazed at his ability to think on his feet even at such a young age. He doesn’t skip a beat EVER!


I will have to remain one step ahead of him, even more so than I did with his 19 year old and 16 year old siblings!



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